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The Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst List
The 31 people charting the global course out of the pandemic and toward a brighter, more sustainable future. The coronavirus has raged across the globe for 18 months, bringing with it waves of infection, economic calamity and millions of deaths. But this catastrophe has also led to the delivery of multiple vaccines in record time and new technology that holds promise for treating other intractable afflictions, like cancer.
Our Co-Founder and CEO Zilingo Ankiti Bose talks about the fashion supply chain with Bloomberg Television’s Chief International Correspondent for Southeast Asia Haslinda Amin.
Ankiti Bose, CEO & Co-founder, Zilingo spoke to Haslinda Amin at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum Catalyst about the role of e-commerce and digitization in accelerating the adoption of ESG and Sustainable practices.
Our Co-Founder and CEO Zilingo Ankiti Bose at a panel discussion on ‘Investment in innovation: Why Asia is leading the way’ organized by Financial Times and Nikkei Asia in collaboration with #techAsia and moderated by James Kynge.
“There are so many positive dynamics around us, including a fast-paced digital transformation, a post-pandemic recovery, and a growing ESG momentum. Tech Innovation is paving the way for a transparent and fair supply chain ecosystem. By eliminating middle-men, it allows businesses to align resources on things that truly matter like ESG and circular economy”, said Ankiti Bose, CEO & Co-founder, Zilingo at a panel discussion on ‘Investment in innovation: Why Asia is leading the way’ organized by Financial Times and Nikkei Asia in collaboration with #techAsia and moderated by James Kynge.
Riding a Unicorn: Zilingo ramping up technology-driven fashion supply chain focus
Zilingo initiated its journey in the year 2015 as an e-commerce platform for merchants to sell products to end consumers and later realised that while merchants had numerous ways to sell online in the B2C space, digitised supply chain solutions were lagging behind and entered into the segment to facilitate this.
The entrepreneur set to be India’s first female founder of a unicorn
As Co-Founder and CEO of business-to-business ecommerce platform Zilingo, Ankiti Bose is on track to being the first Indian woman to found a unicorn startup – all before her 30th birthday.
Ankiti Bose speaks at World Economic Forum on the role of technology and innovation in building a healthy and safe world!
We were honoured to have our CEO & Co-founder Ankiti Bose speak at the World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Development Impact Summit - Trade for tomorrow Session.
Learn about company branding, employer branding, and personal branding in "EndeavHER: The Three Shades of Branding." with our CEO & Co-founder, Ankiti Bose
Our CEO & Co-founder, Ankiti Bose was a part of the 3rd edition of EndeavHER along with Hande Cilingir, and Vivy Yusof to discuss the role of branding for building successful businesses.
Zilingo Co-Founder & CEO Ankiti Bose On How A Shopping Trip Led Her To Become A Fashion-Tech Mogul
When Ankiti Bose visited Thailand a few years ago, she never imagined a trip to the local market would change the course of not only her career but also her life. As she strolled through the streets of Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market, Ankiti noticed a gap. The small and medium-sized merchants didn’t have access to digital platforms to sell their goods and had to rely only on middlemen. Bose foresaw two possible outcomes: they would either be crushed by large conglomerates or continue to be exploited by middlemen. That’s how she conceived the idea for Zilingo, an e-commerce platform where small business owners can market their products online.
E-commerce Unicorn Zilingo Betting Big on Seamless, Technology-Driven Fashion Supply Chain
Dhruv Kapoor One thing that the pandemic has a positive outcome on is the technology integration and innovation across industries. Even as brands across categories were working towards getting digitally advanced and tech-savvy, Covid-19 expedited the process for them and it became more a necessity than an added advantage. With the onset of the pandemic, the world got confined to their homes and the retail operations saw a complete halt across segments, and adapting to the new normal was the only option left for these retail brands in order to stay afloat and relevant during the ongoing crisis.
How Zilingo is using tech to help its sellers stay on track with sustainability and ESG measures
Zilingo, a technology platform that powers the global supply chain with innovative trade solutions, is using digitisation to reduce defects by 50 percent, and help factories become more sustainable.
Zilingo and PT. Yutama Kreasindo collaborate to empower Indonesian apparel manufacturers with the right counsel and services to scale up their business
As a constant endeavour to offer value and support to clients, Zilingo recently partnered with PT. Yutama Kreasindo, a company that provides technology-based products ie. software solutions, and consultancy services to Indonesian apparel manufacturers to scale their business through technology innovation and data analytics.
Girls just wanna have FUNDS!
As a part of the Women @ Z initiative, an interactive (and first of many) session on the importance of personal finance was organized exclusively for women employees at Zilingo on 10th June.
Enable, Empower, Evolve: 2021 Outlook
A message from Co-founder and CEO, Ankiti Bose to team Z on our optimism about the current market, our path towards profitability, and how we intend on making the most of the unprecedented opportunities in front us in 2021
Zilingo appoints Shiela Mauricio as the Country Manager for the Philippines
Technology and commerce platform Zilingo Philippines has announced Shiela Mauricio as its new Country Manager. In her position, Mauricio will spearhead Zilingo’s continued business operations, strategy execution, and drive profitability, growth for it’s Philippines chapter.
Don't Compromise on Fashion and Comfort, Upgrade your Style with Zilingo's 10.10 Online Shopping Festival
#StayAtHome and enjoy ‘Shocking Deals’ from Top Brands with easy delivery
Powering Indonesian Brands and Businesses to Recover in Q4 2020 with ‘Octoberfest’
Zilingo Trade Invites Customers and Merchants to Procure Essentials via its Wholesale Festival
How Best to Evaluate Your Business Performance in Q4 2020?
Zilingo’s Melina Marpaung shares essential trade hacks for your business health checkup
The role of HR leaders in overcoming the harsh realities of overworking in the new normal
HR leaders need to draw out the concerns of employees and analyze the information to see if what is being done is adequate.
[Product Roadmap] How Zilingo built one of the largest tech ecosystems for retail merchants in Southeast Asia
A product roadmap clarifies the why, what, and how behind what a tech startup is building. This week, we feature Southeast Asian unicorn Zilingo, which moved from being a B2C tech platform to a B2B player.
Strength to Strength: Strides Made in the New Normal
A message from Co-founder and CEO, Ankiti Bose to team Z on the latest business developments and growth curve in the face of the pandemic.
[Techie Tuesday] From building solar panels and games to an e-commerce unicorn: the journey of Zilingo’s Dhruv Kapoor
In this week’s Techie Tuesday, we trace the journey of Dhruv Kapoor, Co-founder and CTO of the Southeast Asian e-commerce unicorn Zilingo. From research to e-commerce, Dhruv believes technology has the power to expand every field.
At Zilingo, Pivoting for Growth in a Pandemic
Founded as a fashion and beauty marketplace in Southeast Asia, Zilingo is now investing in new operational capabilities to serve its B2B community and create opportunities for growth post-Covid.
Payments, global trade head for digital ‘tipping point’ as corona-virus pandemic forces shift in business environment
Global trade has entered a new era where the digital economy is going to be the center of the world’s economic structure, online forum hears. Regulatory changes needed to keep pace with new digital adoption, panelists say.
Meet The 4 Guest CEO's Confirmed For ‘The Apprentice’
Take this opportunity to learn more about four of Asia's top CEO's, including Patrick Grove, Ankiti Bose, Sudhir Agarwal, and Anthony Tan.
Zilingo to digitally exhibit 4,000 sustainable fabrics
About 400 material suppliers will join the showcase.
Zilingo Trade reintroduces food and essentials online in the face of COVID-19 crisis, supports sellers with free shipping
The fashion-technology platform aims to source and make available items like masks and hand sanitizers as well on its platform.
Celebrate Hari Raya #Athome with a little help from Zilingo
JAKARTA, 13 MAY 2020 -- It’s celebration time for the Muslims as the holy month of fasting concludes making way for Hari Raya. Due to the infectious pandemic and consecutive implementation of Large-Scale Social Restrictions Policy (PSBB) in several areas, the directives for Hari Raya preparations are to be restricted within our homes this year. However, Zilingo is ready to help you prepare an unforgettable Ramadan celebration, even from the confines of your home through our online procurement festival on Zilingo Trade until May 20th.
Zilingo Builds on Sustainability Promise; to Showcase Sustainable Fabrics in ‘The Digital Material Show’ in Partnership with Material Exchange
The virtual event to be held from July-August, will be attended by the likes of BESTSELLER, Nike, Puma, Under Armour and many more.
Planning to Become a Reseller? Follow These 6 Essential Checks to Guide You
One-stop business solutions platform, Zilingo Trade offers key tips for entrepreneurs planning their reselling empire
Zilingo Trade Collaborates with P&G, Offers Multiple Brands and Products at Wholesale Prices
More than 100 P&G products and several brands will be cataloged in the online platform
Indonesian MSMEs Need Urgent Digitalisation to Revive and Survive
In collaboration with Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Zilingo shares vital business and economic recovery inputs in the new normal
Local for National: Celebrate National Pride with the Best ‘Made in Indonesia’ Goods
Zilingo Trade hosts a wholesale shopping festival to help consumers procure from the country’s finest products
Power your Digital Marketing to Boost Revenue and Drive More Customers
The second episode of ‘Ngopi Bareng Zilingo Trade’ shares tips on the best use of technology to drive sales and marketing activities in the new normal
Aimed at Businesses Operating in the New Normal, Zilingo Introduces ‘Coffee with Zilingo Trade’
With its first-ever live webinar, the one-stop business solutions platform shares helpful insights for businesses to power through the COVID crisis
Learn Five Valuable Tips to Expand Your Grocery Business Online
Business solutions platform, Zilingo Trade helps small businesses to scale in the new normal with timely industry inputs
Building a stronger future, together
A message from our founders to our team on recent company developments, restructuring exercise and business plans in a post-COVID world
Top Social Media Content Trends that Businesses Should Look Out For from Zilingo
Zilingo Trade’s marketing experts reveal 5 insights to help businesses promote business content amidst Indonesia’s new normal
Zilingo Trade Lends Support to MSMEs, Offers Customised Suite of Services to Scale the New Normal
One-stop business solutions platform shares key strategies to guide MSMEs through the crisis. JAKARTA, June 2020 - The COVID-19 pandemic has affected scores of businesses as well as the MSME industry along with various aspects of consumers’ life. While the Ministry of Cooperatives reported that as many as 37,000 MSMEs are facing the COVID burnt, the Indonesian Retail Entrepreneurs Association pointed at the sharp decline of 80-85% consumer transactions at non-retailers and a transaction plunge of 30-40% for food products since PSSB implementation in April. These shifts hint at the evolving consumption patterns which will gradually map an overall change in trade scenario in the COVID-impaired word or as we know it, the new normal era.
These female founders are trailblazers in their industries
Ankiti Bose, Co-founder and CEO of Zilingo, with Fortune's Claire Zillman at the Fortune MPW Next Gen Summit on Wednesday. As part of our celebration of Women's History Month, Fortune talked to a range of female founders whose companies all have something in common: a mission to help women. Molly Hayward is the founder and chief brand officer of Cora, which makes organic tampons and pads. Hayward was inspired to start the company after learning about how periods stopped girls from attending school in some parts of the world. For every order it sells, Cora now provides menstrual products to girls in need. "Every 'no' was just the motivation to keep going," Hayward says of building the company.
Zilingo joins hands with Caritas Manila Foundation to extend aid to Filipino front-liners & the less fortunate
Metro Manila, the Philippines - Zilingo, the leading fashion technology platform in association with Caritas Manila Foundation launched a fundraising campaign, ‘Love, Zilingo’ in an attempt to lend a helping hand to the healthcare workers and the disadvantaged greatly affected by the prolonged community quarantine owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Zilingo MAAS Partners with Good Neighbours PHL, Offers Affordable Marketing Services for Local Businesses with ‘Design for Good’ The entire campaign proceeds will be donated to aid the affected and needy
Metro Manila, the Philippines - Zilingo has teamed up with Good Neighbors PHL through one of its offered services MAAS (Marketing as A Service) to launch a fundraising campaign, ‘Design For Good’ in an attempt to help entrepreneurs keep their business afloat with budget-friendly Marketing and Creative Services while also supporting those who are in need.
Digital disruption: Fashioning a supply chain tech platform for SMEs
Founded by Dhruv Kapoor and Ankiti Bose, B2B fashion tech startup Zilingo Technologies has used the growing mobile and data penetration to envision a technology platform for SMEs. Using technology, it has been able to broaden the sourcing base for fashion-lifestyle companies, and enable financing where banks and NBFCs were not ready to finance these businesses, and to provide additional services using data in the form of intelligence and analytics.
Zilingo Introduces SheWorkz Thailand - Enabling, Empowering, and Inspiring as Many Women as Possible & Committed to empowering women in all walks, Zilingo signs UN-backed Women’s Empowerment Principles
Bangkok, 10 March 2020 - In celebration of International Women’s Day, Zilingo joins over 2,000 other business leaders around the world by signing the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), developed by UN Global Compact as a sign of commitment to empowering women in the workplace, marketplace, and community. These principles are the result of a collaboration between the UN Global Compact and UN Women and are adapted from the Calvert Women's Principles® to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.
Take Five: “The future of fashion can belong to everyone”
Ankiti Bose is CEO of Zilingo, an online fashion retail business (B2B and B2C). She has been featured in the Forbes Asia 30 Under 30, Fortune 40 Under 40, and Bloomberg 50 lists. In visiting Chatuchak market in Bangkok, she noticed a gap in the fashion industry: while small- and medium-sized enterprises had a lot to offer and were hungry for growth, they were ill-equipped to scale up or to compete with global players without the right tools and software. She set out to level the playing field by starting Zilingo with Chief Technical Officer Dhruv Kapoor. In March, Zilingo formally committed to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), which UN Women helped develop to promote fairness for women in the private sector. Bose, 28, is an Indian national now based in Singapore.
Meet the IITian who is improving efficiency in the $3 trn fashion industry
Four years ago, during a house party in Bengaluru, Dhruv Kapoor, an engineer at gaming studio Kiwi Inc, had a conversation with his neighbour Ankiti Bose who was an investment analyst at venture capital firm Sequoia. Both had reached a point in their careers where they wanted to create their own start-up. But they had contrasting skill sets and had done different kinds of work. “But we had a very common vision (about) the future of technology and commerce,” says Kapoor. Later, after many similar conversations, the duo quit their jobs and in 2015 launched their own start-up, Zilingo, a commerce and technology platform that powers the entire fashion supply chain. A lot has changed for Kapoor in these four years. Early last year the firm raised $226 million from marquee investors such as Sequoia, Sofina and Temasek. The funding valued the firm at about $970 million.
Material Exchange and Zilingo partner with shared goal
Material Exchange, a footwear & apparel brands trust, partnered with Zilingo, a technology platform that powers fashion supply chain, in 2019 with an aim to promote sustainability within fashion supply chains and to enable brands connect to suppliers with the help from the Material Exchange digital material library and the Zilingo commerce platform.
Zilingo Trade Expands its Wholesale Food Catalogue, Partners with Unilever Food Solutions
Brands like Knorr, Lipton and Best Foods are now available for easy purchase at wholesale prices
Zilingo Aims to Digitize Philippines’ MSMEs to Level up the Country’s Fashion Supply Industry
The leading technology platform is leveling the fashion scenario by providing services to the MSME industry through data and technology
Zilingo acquires software company nCinga Innovations in landmark US$15.5 million cash and stock deal
The Singapore-headquartered technology platform scales up global supply chain capabilities with acquisition of Sri Lanka-based Software-as-a-Service company. Leading technology platform Zilingo has bolstered its position as a global digital supply chain enabler with its acquisition of Sri Lanka-based software company nCinga Innovations. The acquisition is touted to be one of the largest tech exits in Sri Lanka in recent times. The deal marks a major win for the region’s startup ecosystem.
Zilingo's Ankiti Bose: On track to build a unicorn
Ankiti Bose charted Zilingo's road to progress by changing track from being a fashion marketplace to a service provider to businesses. Ankiti Bose and Dhruv Kapoor brought their maiden venture Zilingo within sniffing distance of becoming a unicorn within four years of launching their company in 2015 largely by taking a few unusual and tough calls. Its gradual transition into an entity focused on business-to-business (B2B) sales, as against the Southeast Asia-focused fashion marketplace that Zilingo started out as, is a case in point. “Scaling down our business-to-consumer [B2C] business is definitely one of the toughest decisions we have made recently,” says Bose, co-founder and CEO.
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