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Aimed at Businesses Operating in the New Normal, Zilingo Introduces ‘Coffee with Zilingo Trade’

Zilingo Editorial Team
With its first-ever live webinar, the one-stop business solutions platform shares helpful insights for businesses to power through the COVID crisis
Jakarta, July 2020 - With the pandemic disruption, Indonesian consumers’ intent to purchase has been pushed to an all time low in most discretionary categories . As the situation continues to haunt brands and businesses, Zilingo understands the deep impact and through its business solutions platform for B2B, Zilingo Trade hopes to address these underlying issues with its suite of B2B services and initiatives. With this, the company announced ‘Ngopi Bareng Zilingo Trade’, the latest knowledge-sharing platform for brands and business owners who wish to be updated on the latest industry issue as well as to learn about best practices from industry’s experts.
“In line with our mission to enable, expand and sustain businesses, we are proud to announce ‘Ngopi Bareng Zilingo Trade’, our new initiative that is dedicated for brands and businesses to learn and share insights from industry experts. We hope this platform will not only inspire and uplift the spirits of business players, but also build their capacity by providing the best insights to help every business, regardless of its size to strive and scale better in the midst of this New Normal period,” remarked, Ade Yuanda Saragih, VP and Country Head, Zilingo .
The first edition of the live webinar, ‘Coffee with Zilingo Trade’ centered around the very relevant topic ‘The Meaning of New Normal for FMCG Business Players’. Putting an emphasis on the FMCG industry, the session analyzed Indonesian consumer’s shopping and consumption behavior during the new normal period as well as preferred ways of shopping to procure for their daily needs. Find a short recap from the first webinar from Zilingo Trade where Zilingo’s Ade Yuanda Saragih and Joko Supono, President Director, PT Amanah Prima Indonesia - best known for its Toza Juice, get together to share some top-notch advice for brands and businesses:
Listen closely and adapt quickly to your Consumers needs
Ever since the large scale social distancing (PSBB) policy was implemented, the majority of consumers have shifted to online shopping which has become the "new way of shopping" as 30% of consumers claim to have increased online shopping activities. While another 40% plan on continuing online purchases even after the pandemic has ended . This situation reflects that although panic buying and product prices have returned to normal, market demand continues to increase along with consumer awareness of personal safety and well-being.
“It is important for FMCG industry players to quickly respond towards changes in consumer behavior that occur during new normal. Business players also need to consider transforming their business as a whole, which includes having a presence on online marketplaces or platforms. Through our B2B platform,, we have been helping FMCG businesses to reach out to more consumers who are in need of help with their procurement process, both for personal or wholesale use,” said Ade.
Ade also projected that the next six months will remain pretty much the same as Indonesian people come to terms and adjust to this new way of living.
Project and Mitigate Potential Risk across all sectors
In the first few weeks of COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia, Joko Supono from PT Amanah Prima Indonesia had his share of tough moments in keeping the business afloat. Joko took a hands on approach and ensured that all operations at the factory are done regularly in accordance with health and safety protocols. Supported by his team, Joko also pushed his marketing effort digitally given more of his customers were starting to shift to online marketplaces or procurement platforms to fulfill their daily needs of healthy juice. The effort was proven to be effective, seen from the increase in revenue up to 180% and new consumers are purchasing 28-30% more than Toza Juice’s existing consumers.
“During the tough times, business players must power through in continuously finding the best scheme to sustain business operations, having confidence is also one of the keys to help you lead your team and get through this tough time together,” stated Joko.
Increase Efforts to Strengthen Relationship with Customers
As an FMCG business, PT Amanah Prima also shared the importance of ensuring consumer’s satisfaction as one of their top priorities. This includes arranging a proper delivery roster with logistic partners to ensure products are delivered to consumers on time. Friendly and gentle communications to consumers are also highly recommended. This approach has proven to be quite effective, as one of Toza Juice’s consumers was really satisfied with the service and within three days, the consumers decided to repeat orders from PT Amanah Prima Indonesia.
To know more about industry challenges, best practices and updates from some big brands coping with COVID induced normal, join us in the next edition of ‘Ngopi Bareng Zilingo Trade’ on 17 July 2020. The second webinar will centre around ‘Ensuring Business Continuity During New Normal by Leveraging Technology', and feature speakers from Sadana Iwan, Director, JOBB and Denny Budianto, General Manager, Gino Mariani. Visit for more information.
About Zilingo:
Zilingo is a technology platform powering the global supply chain. It was founded in 2015 by Ankiti Bose and Dhruv Kapoor with a vision to use technology to put responsible and efficient business within everyone’s reach. The platform enables users to have a fair, connected and transparent supply chain for all and offers access to technology, financing and production solutions at the same time.
Zilingo leverages cloud technology, data and AI to optimize production timelines and aggregate global demand.
Zilingo Editorial Team
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