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Zilingo Editorial Team
The second episode of ‘Ngopi Bareng Zilingo Trade’ shares tips on the best use of technology to drive sales and marketing activities in the new normal
Jakarta, July 2020 - On its mission to empower brands and businesses to sail through the new normal, Zilingo held the second episode of ‘Ngopi Bareng Zilingo Trade’, the knowledge-sharing platform dedicated to update brands and business owners on the latest industry issues and to educate them about the best practices from industry experts. The second webinar featured prominent Indonesian fashion retailers from JOBB and Gino Mariani speaking on ‘‘Ensuring Business Continuity During New Normal by Leveraging Technology’.
“As a follow-up to the first webinar that received great response from the public, the second ‘Ngopi Bareng Zilingo Trade’ webinar hopes to help out brands and businesses, especially MSMEs in Indonesia by sharing top level directions, best practices and benefits that digital transformation poses in sustaining their overall business operations including marketing and sales activities, especially during this global crisis,” said Ade Yuanda Saragih, VP and Country Head, Zilingo.
With the second webinar from Zilingo, we analyzed how leveraging technology could optimize business operations at a time when most sectors have been affected by the pandemic presenting new challenges and the urgent need of seeking a way around and finding opportunities in this adversity. Here’s a short recap from the session with Sadana Iwan, Director, JOBB and Denny Budianto, General Manager, Gino Mariani in conversation with Zilingo’s Head of Services, Tut Wuri Handayani and sharing some top-level directions for brands and businesses’ consideration:
Adapting to Customer’s New Way of Shopping to Sustain Business Operations
Limitations of mobilization between countries and face-to-face activities have forced businesses to resort to digital platforms. 65 percent of small-scale businesses in Indonesia also choose to prioritize investment in digital technology in 2020.
All three speakers agreed that adapting digital transformation would help businesses navigate through the new normal phase faster and easier. Tut explained, “Though the last four months may be seen as a blocker, this situation actually sheds a light upon those who are so used to staying in their comfort zone (i.e. having offline business) to start evolving and innovating. Business should also consider activating omnichannel strategy, which includes having an online presence which has been proven to increase sales up to 14% of sales.”
JOBB and Gino Mariani have taken one step ahead by having fully-functional online stores and presence in multiple online marketplaces. “During the first phase of PSBB, unfortunately we had to halt our offline operations while finding a way to continue our sales activities. We relied heavily on technology to help us drive our business, for example activating a ‘chat and shop’ feature on our online stores to maintain our interaction with the customers,” said Sadana Iwan, Director, JOBB. Sharing a similar response, Denny Budianto, General Manager, Gino Mariani added, “We have shifted some of our offline team members to the online team with the hope to support more intense advertising and digital marketing activities. This bold move was proven to be successful as we experienced a significant increase in revenues up to three times, seen from our online sales.”
Digital Storytelling through Social Media is Key to Winning Customers Online Now
Fashion retailers JOBB and Gino Mariani realize the importance of having good visual representation of the brands online, especially since 160 million of total internet users in Indonesia are active on multiple social media platforms. Sadana shares, “For fashion retailers like JOBB, there is an extra task of convincing our existing and potential customers to purchase the products online since they are accustomed to buying offline. JOBB focuses on the creation of good photos and videos that could help tell the story and rightly convey our brand message. We choose Instagram to share this type of content to drive engagement between our brand, JOBB and our customers.”
Supporting the idea, Denny agreed that online storytelling could help customers understand Gino Mariani’s proposition better. In addition to having photos and videos, Gino Mariani also explores the use of social media platforms to amplify the brand presence online. “The current condition has encouraged us to share our stories on online platforms. We are taking advantage of online video-based platforms such as Instagram Live and new platforms such as TikTok to introduce our wide range of products to more customers through interactive video,” added Denny.
Innovate by Diversifying Your Product Offerings
Staying alive in a saturated market is challenging for brands and businesses, especially in the competitive online shopping space but is equally relevant to the times. Having good innovation, both in products and marketing activities could help brands and businesses win new customers while retaining the loyal customer base.
JOBB quickly adapted to the market demand by creating personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks. The brand even includes free masks as part of the customer’s reward program. As for Gino Mariani, in addition to including free gifts with every purchase, the brand works consistently to provide a more comfortable experience for its customers through new innovations.
To know more about industry challenges, best practices and updates from some big brands coping with the ‘new normal’, join us in the next edition of ‘Ngopi Bareng Zilingo Trade’ next Thursday, 30 July 2020. The third webinar will centre around ‘Analyzing On-Demand Business Category Trends During the Pandemic’ and feature speakers from Zilingo’s very own experts - Felix Soni, Head of Textile and Fandi Prathama, Head of Marketing. Visit zilingotrade.i d for more information.
About Zilingo:
Zilingo is a technology platform powering the global supply chain. It was founded in 2015 by Ankiti Bose and Dhruv Kapoor with a vision to use technology to put responsible and efficient business within everyone’s reach. The platform enables users to have a fair, connected and transparent supply chain for all and offers access to technology, financing and production solutions at the same time. Zilingo leverages cloud technology, data and AI to optimize production timelines and aggregate global demand.
Zilingo Editorial Team
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