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Planning to Become a Reseller? Follow These 6 Essential Checks to Guide You

Zilingo Editorial Team
One-stop business solutions platform, Zilingo Trade offers key tips for entrepreneurs planning their reselling empire
JAKARTA, August : With the pandemic outbreak, most industries have taken massive hits resulting in disrupted economies around the globe. However, months into the crisis, we are slowly witnessing many offline businesses opting for online presence in commerce platforms to trade and sell. This trend can be attested by McKinsey & Co’s recent survey which points to Indonesian consumers’ increased online shopping interest in various categories, predominantly food and FMCG.
As more entrepreneurs and small business owners are transitioning online, becoming a Reseller can prove to be quite advantageous, especially now. For starters, a Reseller can begin with minimum capital used to procure products at wholesale prices which will then be sold to customers at market prices, deriving considerable profit margins. With the gamut of services offered on Zilingo Trade, the platform ensures seamless trade options, extensive wholesale marketplace and competitive prices for resellers. And all these features are backed with dedicated 24X7 customer support and varied payment and logistic options.
“We are greatly inspired and excited witnessing entrepreneurs and small business owners pushing themselves in the face of this global crisis. With Zilingo Trade, we pledge to offer only our best service and strive to be the default platform for entrepreneurs, especially resellers offering unmatched prices from our extensive library of merchants which eventually supports their procurement process to meet evolving customer demands,” affirms Ade Yuanda Saragih, VP and Country Head, Zilingo as he shares 6 core steps that would help any entrepreneur or business owner embarking their journey as a Reseller.
Comprehensive Market Research is the stepping stone
The first step to selling should begin with extensive market research pertaining to the products and services you plan to offer in the market. Gauge the product popularity, consumer necessity, the market behavior towards the product, the purchase limitations and very importantly, as Ade stresses, determine the product’s appropriate price limit.
“If you are from a small city, do check for the presence of other resellers of similar products or brands in your area. It’s a perfect time to become the sole reseller of a category for a specific area,” adds Ade.
Stock up your inventory
“Ensure your product inventory is sufficient to serve all your customers. Do not hesitate to buy products in large quantities, especially if you get fairly cheap deals. While it may seem a little risky but a well-stocked inventory helps to timely meet the demand and possibly saves from customer disappointment and bad reviews online, a very important pointer for online businesses,” shares Ade. A good inventory will showcase varied product models catering to different preferences yet the possibility of unsold products still remains but it shouldn’t deter your stock-up decisions especially when you are starting anew.
Choose the right supplier
Business continuity of a reseller is strictly dependent on the products sold and reliable suppliers to source from. Your right supplier should be trustworthy, have good and consistent product quality offering varied options and “the supplier should be widely known by customers as this makes it easier for you to conduct marketing and sales. You also need to compare the wholesale price, production timeline and delivery time of each supplier since all these are driving points for your business in the long run,” informs Ade.
The thumb rule for any business is product quality. As a reseller, you are responsible and answerable to the customer for any purchase they make from you. Choose your supplier wisely and as a basic step, do simple customer research on the material, quality, or the most popular product that you wish to resell.
Pre-plan sales and marketing strategies
Ideally, resellers ought to have strong marketing skills and should be acquainted with a variety of platforms, from e-commerce to social media. Your business messaging should be in a specific direction and should be consistent with your target customers. Ade shared, “In addition, observe how your competitors carry out marketing strategies. Giving discounts or hosting a product giveaway can also attract new customers.”
Ace your customer service skills
Being an entrepreneur means to be prepared to deal with customers directly. It starts by setting up customer service hours, delivery systems and schedules, social media accounts. Learn to be a good communicator so that you can respond to the barrage of customer queries and address complaints. Ade noted, “Always remember to be wise in addressing all complaints because your customer’s feedback is beneficial to improve your services and the insights help to perform your business better.”
First-hand experience is a necessity
As a first time reseller, you may need to do everything by yourself, right from shopping and stocking products, managing e-commerce, social media accounts, packing, shipping, to even financial management. Renewing your sales or social media accounts by showcasing the latest products, answering customer queries, providing promotions with attractive discounts and giveaways should be consistently done.
Try to be disciplined, organised and consistent in fulfilling your everyday business chores and requirements. There is a higher chance a customer will prefer you over competitors if they are satisfied with your business responsiveness.
This is where Zilingo Trade comes to help brands and businesses, especially those who wish to start their reselling business to grow and expand their business through our whole-package business services, ranging from procurement, sales, marketing, financial, to logistics services. To know more about our wide range of products and business solutions, visit
About Zilingo:
Zilingo is a technology platform powering the global supply chain. It was founded in 2015 by Ankiti Bose and Dhruv Kapoor with a vision to use technology to put responsible and efficient business within everyone’s reach. The platform enables users to have a fair, connected and transparent supply chain for all and offers access to technology, financing and production solutions at the same time. Zilingo leverages cloud technology, data and AI to optimize production timelines and aggregate global demand .
Zilingo Editorial Team
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