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Top Social Media Content Trends that Businesses Should Look Out For from Zilingo

Zilingo Editorial Team
Zilingo Trade’s marketing experts reveal 5 insights to help businesses promote business content amidst Indonesia’s new normal
Jakarta, 29 June 2020 - Navigating through the ‘new normal’ brands and business owners are continuously trying to find new and innovative ways to engage their customers through social media since physical and offline interaction has become quite limited in the current circumstances.
Looking closer at the social media platforms available today, two of the most popular social media platforms in the decade, ​Facebook and ​Instagram have proven themselves to be effective channels to win customers, particularly if the content were boosted through their ads feature. WeAreSocial and GlobalWebIndex reported that ​34% ​of Internet users aged 16-64 in Indonesia say that they get exposed to brands from ads on social media, whereas the other 32% ​claim that recommendations or comments on social media also drive their desire to know more about certain brands or products . 1
In its pursuit to increase business owners’ awareness and knowledge that social media offers more than just a tool for posting, Zilingo Trade through its B2B service, ​Zilingo Marketing Services offers integrated marketing solutions which include social media content development and digital marketing.
“Effective use of social media can drive the customers' desire to know more about your offerings, which hopefully will generate more traffic to your business​. With over 160 million active users on social media in Indonesia, Zilingo Marketing Services from Zilingo Trade is ready to serve brands and businesses to craft engaging and relevant social media content with the market, especially during the New Normal. Our suite of Marketing services are accessible under our one-stop business solutions platform on,” said ​Sarah Humaira, VP and Head of Marketing, Zilingo.
Read the following insights from ​Putri Nindya, our Social Media Strategist at Zilingo to know which type of content will help you grab your audiences’ attention effectively on social media as follows:
Start Creating a Shoppable
Content Have you ever found a post that shows product prices after being clicked on? If so, then you know what a Shoppable Post is. Shoppable post enables customers to know the prices (and discounts) without being redirected to another site or catalog. This current feature of Instagram is so desirable by businesses and brands because it can increase audiences’ purchase intention and ease the transaction process. “Although interesting, this feature is still limited in Indonesia for big brands that have been verified by Instagram only, so make sure you have built enough followers with your brand positioning on your respective accounts before opting this type of purchasable post,” said Putri.
Communicate Your Business’ Recent Initiative to Share Positive Vibes
Businesses that have come up with social responsibilities initiatives to address issues of humanity, sustainability, including the COVID-19 pandemic are welcomed by the market as theyhighlight the brand integrity, which can be a plus move for small businesses trying to earn the consumer trust and build a good image. Reporting your good initiatives on social media would not only ensure consumer loyalty but also make for an extremely engaging content. Moreover, a social mission can be a good reason for the stakeholders to invest in your company. Putri stresses that brands or businesses have to find the right cause and ensure that their initiative is relevant with the market’s current situation so the effort would come across as sincere.
1 We Are Social, ‘Digital 2020: Global Digital Overview’, We Are Social and Hootsuite, 2020,
Shift to Micro-Influencers and Build User Generated Content
Most business owners agree that influencers bring a huge impact on their sales. However, influencers that have enormous followers require high spending. This includes sending products samples for free and fee for the influencer’s content creation. However, this imposes a challenge for businesses with limited marketing budgets, especially for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Putri explains, “Instead of competing with big brands to use top influencers, you have another option, which is to create content with micro-influencers and utilize your current customers for a more honest, natural review of your product”. Though they aren’t rich in followers, they have better engagement and better target audiences. Adweek also released a study that micro-influencers have 60% better engagement rate than top-tier influences. This way, you can invest well with better results and allocate your remaining budget to fund more marketing activities.
Create Engagement Through Stories
Did you know that most Instagram users’ ages are 18-35 years old? Meaning, they come from the Millennial and Gen Z generations. Besides having a shorter attention span - which only lasts for not more than 8 seconds - these generations are also curious and love to know about stories. These explain why Instagram and Facebook stories are so popular and more desirable nowadays than the feed itself; the story feature is more real and candid; engaging directly rather than your planned feed. So, don’t be surprised if you find your feed engagement performance decreases these days. “Stories’ algorithms are disrupting the platforms - not only for you to place more ads, but also because the audiences prefer stories,” opines Putri. For this reason, placing your ads in stories is definitely a great way to reach your audience.
Instagram Filters
Who would have thought that Instagram filters would be so popular in today’s times? Your brand can easily get noticed just by creating a new filter that goes viral. But there are some terms to make the filter draw attention. First it must be unique and interesting. Putri added, “If you want to create your own Instagram filter, align it with the current trends to increase relevance with your audiences’ current situation or emotion. One successful content example is “which X are you?” quiz on Instagram.” If you want to try and create a selfie filter, try using SparkAR softwares with many tutorials available on YouTube.
For brands and businesses who wish to create the content above, Zilingo Marketing Services provides integrated business solutions that will guide marketers to craft better overall marketing strategies that can be tailored-based on the marketer’s needs. This includes social media content development and management, and digital marketing services. For more information, visit
About Zilingo:
Zilingo is a technology platform powering the global supply chain. It was founded in 2015 by Ankiti Bose and Dhruv Kapoor with a vision to use technology to put responsible and efficient business within everyone’s reach. The platform enables users to have a fair, connected and transparent supply chain for all and offers access to technology, financing and production solutions at the same time. Zilingo leverages cloud technology, data and AI to optimize production timelines and aggregate global demand.
Zilingo Editorial Team
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